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Christmas In Goa | Christmas Festival In Goa

Christmas festival in goa

Christmas festival in goa/christmas festival in goa - Christmas, which marks the birth of Lord Jesus, is a major festivals of goa of the Christians. However, it is celebrated all across the globe, crossing the limits of states, countries and religion.

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On the 25th of December, tourists and holidaymakers flock to christmas festival in goa to make their vacations memorable in festivals of goa. The festivals of goa begin on the Christmas eve i.e. 24th December.

Partying and merrymaking continue till the night of 25th December. The celebrations are marked by midnight masses, decorated churches and display of fireworks in celebrating christmas in goa. Houses are cleaned and embellished and an atmosphere of gaiety prevails all over the state.

Christmas festival in goa - Though Christians form a minority in the Goan population, the festival sees massive involvement of people from all over the state and the country, regardless of caste and creed. Dance, music and parties are the major features of the grand event. Even the hotels, resorts, nightclubs and discotheques try to celebrate the celebrating christmas in goa in their own exclusive ways. A special range of cuisine is produced, inviting tourists and vacationers from across the globe.

Celebrating christmas in goa - Party till you drop is how Goans take it. Wherever in Goa, you will never find any dearth of good spirit and enthusiasm. Gifts are exchanged among friends and relatives. Santa Claus arrives to present nice gifts and chocolates to the children. Goa's catholics dress themselves in the finest of clothes and flock to attend the midnight masses which is known as Missa

Goan festivities - Goa is a colorful vibrant city. And its vibrancy is not confined within four boundaries of its heritage sites and monuments only. There is something else also that extends beyond these. This is festivals in Goa.

There are many holidays and Goa festivals that are celebrated and enjoyed to the full. And these are the best times to see the great religious mix of people. On national holidays banks and post offices in Goa remain closed. As per festivals are concerned, Hindu religious festivals are celebrated on the basis of lunar calendar whereby dates are found to vary each year. However, Christian festivals are observed on fixed dates.

Goa festivals are celebrated round the year. And the most common thing found in every celebration is feasts and processions. It is believed that long period of Portuguese colonization has played an important role in the way festivals are observed in Goa. In fact Hindu festivals in Goa are also not untouched of its influence. It can be said that the Portuguese influence has rendered unique Goan character to them and has brought more elegance and style.

Most of the festivals in Goa are celebrated the same way they are celebrated in other parts of India. However, these festivals have a distinctive Goan touch. Some of the most famous Goan festivals comprising Hindu and Christian when you can actually see the true religious spirit of the natives are listed below.

Goa-Travel, a perfect e-guide to your favorite destination festivities in Goa offers interesting information on everything associated with Goan festivities, cities of Goa and the things that you can enjoy being there. Thus, to find exclusive information on Goa festivals and other things, keep clicking through links and obtain detailed information

Are you ready to party all through the night? Soak up the cultural charm and interact with local people. But yes, don't miss the church prayers in the morning!

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